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  • What is Talk Tweety? Why was it founded?
    Talk Tweety is an organization on a mission to shine light on the power of storytelling to build compassionate and confident leaders. We realized how limited the definition of a "leader" was. It was thought with an archaic mentality that a leader had to fit a certain criteria or steryotype. In reality, it is about honing the skills you already possess, becoming a compassionate and inclusive person, and learning how to lead no matter your circumstance. And so, our goal is to create an inclusive culture and positive learning environment that ignites the passion and potential all our members possess.
  • What is the Nest?
    Our community is called the Nest! Our favorite part of the nest is its diversity and inclusivity. There are mentors, kids, adults, athletes, and students from all around the world in Talk Tweety! P.S. we are always looking to expand our community.
  • Why should I join?
    We are redefining what it means to be a leader by working to hone the skills that you already possess so that you are ready to conquer the world with a supportive community encouraging you. We are enriching our members with the true characteristics of being a leader: courage, acceptance, and kindness. When you join the Nest, you will be given an endless number of resources, mentors, and a TON of great books to read. Use your imagination, artistic abilities, creativity, and personality to share your story through a book.
  • Count me in! How do I become a member?
    Let's make it #official. You can join the Nest by reaching out through our social media: Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We also accept mail (e-mail to be specific...there aren't enough birds to deliver our messages via air). Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter down below. We will be sending some messages of our own!
  • Are there volunteer opportunities?
    Yes! A big part about being a leader is giving back to your community. Throughout the year, we hold fundraisers, conferences, workshops, and other activities to get involved. There is something for EVERYONE. Join the Nest and email us with your request!
  • How does Talk Tweety connect with the community?
    We focus on educating and encouraging the youth to be the most confident and compassionate leaders they can be. Our diverse cohort of mentors meet with students (grades 4-7) and guide them through creating their own passion project. The mentorship Talk Tweety provides is long-term, meaning we are here to help guide the youth in discovering their interests, providing opportunities, and most importantly, encouraging them to have the autonomy to write their own legacy. Talk Tweety also connects with kids (grades 1-3) through sharing stories about pioneering leaders, sparking insightful book discussions, and providing a positive learning environment where they can express themselves creatively.
  • Do I have to be at a certain location or school to join?
    No! Talk Tweety is a nation-wide organization. To ensure our opportunities to learn to lead are accessible, we hold both in-person and virtual meetings. If you would like to start your own chapter or get involved, email us with your request!
  • How does Talk Tweety help people learn to lead?
    Our curriculum and program continues to be revised and reviewed by certified educators, counselors, and even the students in our program. Every week, our team meets and ensures our program is up-to-date; we always are on the look out for new opportunities for our members to make an impact in the community. Typically, for the mentorship program (grades 4 - 7), we match the students up with a mentor that has the most in common with them. This method helps ensure the mentees can get the most out of their learning experience. Additionally, we shy away from a school-like structured environment (passive learning and lecturing). All of our strategies and techniques on learning how to lead are through an active learning approach (projects about leadership, activities on how to develop character, storytelling of pioneering dreamers, etc). This in turn helps us make learning how to lead fun, engaging, and accessible.
  • Who are the mentors?
    Our mentors prioritize enhancing the qualities a child is most proud of and instill the core values (empathy, inclusivity, diversity, compassion, etc) that compose an effective leader. Talk Tweety mentors are composed of teachers, high-school students, certified counselors, etc. Not all of our mentors who apply are accepted to our program. Because we are mentoring the youth, it is crucial that our mentors are reputable and positive influences. All of our mentors go through an interview process to make sure they fit our Talk Tweety Team's community. If you are looking to apply, we are typically looking for: people who work well with kids, students involved in their community, people who make positive impacts in their community, etc.
  • How often do you meet?
    Talk Tweety meets once a week with the 4th - 7th graders to facilitate them with their passion projects. Throughout the year, we hold pop-up events for the 1st - 3rd graders as well as workshops on writing stories, learning how to lead, and ideas on how to develop an impactful legacy
  • Privacy policies and guidelines
    Our number one priority is that our Nest is safe, welcoming, and respectful. As a result, we will not be posting anyone on our socials without a guardian's explicit permission. Talk Tweety is also overseen by qualified professionals to ensure our community abides by our policies. More information about our Privacy Policies can be read when a member joins Talk Tweety.
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