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Let's Learn to Lead Together

Guiding the youth to pursue their passion project 🚀

Talk Tweety aims to build confident & courageous leaders 💬🐥

Shining ☀️ on the power of sharing a story & writing a legacy

#learntolead with the guidance of compassionate & ambitious mentors

Talk Tweety Takeaways

Inclusive Community


Talk Tweety's Program creates an inclusive culture and positive learning environment that ignites the passion and potential all our members possess.   


New Stories Shared

Our mentorship and leadership activities encourage the youth to share their story and develop their legacy. The inspiring stories we hear and share are centered around leadership, defining what it means to leave a lasting legacy, and ways to cultivate an environment that makes a positive impact in the world.



Compassionate Mentors

Our diverse cohort of mentors was established to ensure the youth we are mentoring feel supported, seen, and given equal opportunity to foster a connection with someone of similar interests as them. 



New Leadership Skills

Talk Tweety uncovers the qualities a child is most proud of and instills the core values that compose an effective leader. Using an active learning approach (hands-on), our activities creatively introduce crucial qualities of a leader like compassion, empathy, inclusivity, diversity, and confidence.


Image by Jerry Wang

#jointhenest... Interested in joining Talk Tweety as a mentor or mentee? (we are always looking to expand our nest 🐥)

Inspiring kids to be confident, courageous, and their most authentic and resilient selves. 

Image by Tetbirt Salim

This Month's Highlight


September '22 Theme: Be Kind

Quote of the Month

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

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Talk Tweety Time

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